Meeting Details

Birmingham City Council
21 May 2019 - 18:00 to 19:32



Public Agenda
1 Notice of Recording
Lord Mayor to advise that this meeting will be webcast for live or subsequent broadcast via the Council's Internet site ( and that members of the press/public may record and take photographs except where there are confidential or exempt items.
2 Declarations of Interests
Members are reminded that they must declare all relevant  pecuniary and non pecuniary interests arising from any business to be discussed at this meeting. If a disclosable pecuniary interest is declared a Member must not speak or take part in that agenda item. Any declarations will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
To confirm and authorise the signing of the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 2 April 2019.

(15 Minutes)


To receive the annual report of the Lord Mayor.


Report was marked "To follow".

To elect the Lord Mayor.


NB.  A short break will follow to allow for the robing of the Lord Mayor.

7 Appointment of the Deputy Lord Mayor

To appoint the Deputy Lord Mayor.

8 Presentation of the Retiring Lord Mayor
To present the retiring Lord Mayor with an ex-Lord Mayoral Badge.

To present the retiring Lord Mayor's Consort with a badge as a memento of office.


NB. A short break will follow to allow for guests to retire.

10 Allowances
To agree the allowances to be made to the Lord Mayor and the Deputy Lord Mayor in office during 2019/2020.

To determine the dates of the meetings of the Council to be held during the year ending with the next Annual Meeting of the Council.


It is suggested that meetings of the Council be held in the Council Chamber at 1400 hours on the following Tuesdays:-






11 June

7 January

9 July

4 February

10 September

25 February

5 November

7 April

3 December


12 Annual Meeting in 2020

To confirm the date for the holding of the Annual Meeting of the Council in 2020.


It is recommended that the Annual Meeting for 2020 to be held in the Council Chamber at 1800 hours on Tuesday 19 May 2020.

13 Lord Mayor's Announcements

To receive the Lord Mayor's announcements and such communications as the Lord Mayor may wish to place before the Council.

14 Petitions
To receive and deal with petitions in accordance with Standing Order 9.

As agreed by Council Business Management Committee a schedule of outstanding petitions is available electronically with the published papers for the meeting and can be viewed or downloaded.

Report of the Council Business Management Committee.


The Leader to move the following Motion:


"That approval be given to the necessary changes to the City Council's Constitution as indicated in the appendix to the report and that the City Solicitor be authorised to implement the changes with immediate effect.


Report was marked "To follow".

16 Leader's Announcement of Cabinet Members

To consider a report of the Council Business Management Committee.


The Leader to move the following Motion:


"That the City Council makes appointments to Committees and Other Bodies as set out in the Appendix to the report."


Report was marked "To follow".

Meeting Documents

Declarations of Interests


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