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Report of Strategic Director of Place, Prosperity and Sustainability

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Net Zero Neighbourhood Plan
Report of Strategic Director of Place, Prosperity and Sustainability
Cabinet : 26/04/22
To bid for WMCA’s Net Zero Neighbourhood Demonstrator Programme has been established by the WMCA as one part of its strategy to cut regional carbon emissions to net zero by 2041. It aims to develop a replicable financial and delivery model for creating low carbon energy communities on a street-by-street or neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood basis. A net zero neighbourhood is defined as a community where net energy needs are reduced through demand reduction measures such that remaining energy requirement for vehicles, thermal, and electrical energy within the community is met by renewable energy generation, while also investing in other aspects to create community buy-in and a more sustainable place to live.

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The Council is seeking funding of £1.65m from the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA). Also, there is additional £50k funding bid to deliver the programme.

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