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Report of Acting Director Inclusive Growth

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Birmingham 2022 – Update on the Perry Barr Regeneration Scheme FBC
Report of Acting Director Inclusive Growth
Cabinet : 27/07/21
Cabinet : 27/07/21
To seek approval to an updated FBC which will reflect the changed circumstances for the Perry Barr Residential Scheme, and enable the progression of that and the associated wider Regeneration Scheme to completion.

Key Decisions

Capital cost in excess of £1m

Cabinet Report June 2019; Revised Full Business Case March 2020

Joint Cabinet Member Chief Officer Report approved 6 June 2019 - Perry Barr Regeneration Scheme Full Business Case.

Report to Cabinet approved 11 February 2020 – Commonwealth Games – Athletes Village Update (Contracting of Plot 7)

Report to Cabinet approved 17 March 2020 – Birmingham 2022 – Revised Perry Barr Regeneration Scheme FBC (RFBC)

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Mumtaz Mohammed

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Mumtaz Mohammed
Mumtaz Mohammed, Birmingham City Council, PO Box 16579 Birmingham B2 2GQ
Tue 5 Jan 2021

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