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Report of the Director, Digital and Customer Services.

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Customer Service Strategy, Enhanced Business Case and Delivery Programme

Report of the Director, Digital and Customer Services.

Cabinet : 27/07/21
Cabinet : 14/12/21

The purpose of this report is to submit the Council’s Customer Service Strategy and associated delivery plan for approval.

Request the associated funding to deliver the initial phase of improvements to services included in the scope of the Outline Business Case and the methodology of returning to cabinet with specific business cases when the full extent of the benefits and costs are known.

It sets out progress made by the Customer Service Programme since the submission of the Outline Business Case in December 2020.

It also highlights the activities undertaken by the Customer Service Programme to develop the draft Customer Service Strategy and the approach of engaging with citizens for a period of three months and then returning to cabinet with a final version for approval.

Finally, it establishes a set of principles for the development of our Customer Service strategy for 2021 and beyond, positioning work and priorities within the context of ‘A fit for purpose council’.

Key Decisions

The Customer Service Programme will be requesting investment on an invest to save basis, to deliver the Customer Service Strategy principles following on from the Outline Business case that was submitted in December 2020.

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