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Ombudsman Report concerning a complaint about Home to School Transport Department
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(20 minutes allocated) (1505 – 1525)


Report of the Interim Director of Education & Skills

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Mon 26 Jul 2021

a)  In December 2006, the Audit Committee endorsed a framework for informing and involving Members of the Council when the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman issues a report.

b) The aim of this report is to inform members about the Ombudsman’s report, issued on 7 May 2021, the Council’s handling and consideration of applications and subsequent appeals for home to school transport.

c) As the Ombudsman has found fault causing injustice and have made recommendations to remedy the injustice caused, it should be considered by this Committee on behalf of the City Council.

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15/07/2021 12:38:50Mandeep MarwahaBusiness Item Created 
15/07/2021 12:38:50Mandeep MarwahaCommittee AddedAudit Committee
15/07/2021 12:38:50Mandeep MarwahaMeeting Added26/07/2021 2:00PM
15/07/2021 12:39:34Mandeep MarwahaContacts Edited 
15/07/2021 12:39:54Mandeep MarwahaStatus ChangedDecision Proposed [2]
16/07/2021 12:33:35Mandeep MarwahaReport AddedDocument ID 192502: Report to Audit Committee July 2021 - H2S Transport Complaint 260721
16/07/2021 12:33:38Mandeep MarwahaReport AddedDocument ID 192503: FINAL REPORT
16/07/2021 12:35:31Mandeep MarwahaGeneral Details Edited 
16/07/2021 12:46:31Mandeep MarwahaContacts Edited 
16/07/2021 17:18:07Mandeep MarwahaGeneral Details Edited 


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