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Integrated Support Services - Phase 1 Implementation FBC
Urgent Decision - Not in Forward Plan
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Report of the Strategic Director - Finance & Legal and Strategic Director - Change & Support Services
Implementation Date (not before meeting on)
Tue 20 Sep 2016
The Integrated Support Services workstream of the Future Council Programme has reached the end of the design phase and this report sets out the major changes to the operation of support services and seeks approval of the FBC
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OLD - Children, Families and Schools
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Capital expenditure of over £1m
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On 20 September 2016, Cabinet:- (i) noted the overall design principles and structure of Integrated Support Services; (ii) approved the investment in technology detailed in the Full Business Case at report appendix 2 at an estimated cost of £1.62m with on-going costs of £0.25m; (iii) authorised the Strategic Director of Change and Support Services to place orders up to the value of £1.62m with Service Birmingham to implement the proposed IT solutions; (iv) authorised the Acting City Solicitor to negotiate, execute, seal and complete all necessary agreements and documentation to give effect to the above. THE DEADLINE FOR CALL IN IS 1600 HOURS ON MONDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2016.
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25/07/2016 13:28:01Sarah Dunlavey Business Item Created 
25/07/2016 13:28:01Sarah Dunlavey Committee AddedCabinet
25/07/2016 13:28:01Sarah Dunlavey Meeting Added20/09/2016 10:00AM
25/07/2016 13:28:01Sarah Dunlavey OS Committee AddedCorporate Resources and Governance Overview and Scrutiny Committee
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09/09/2016 12:41:11Sarah Dunlavey Report AddedDocument ID 108179: ISS Phase 1 Public v3 final


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