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National Standard Bikeability September 2016 to March 2020
Urgent Decision - Not in Forward Plan
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Report of Strategic Director for Economy
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Tue 20 Sep 2016
To accept grant from the DfT of £1.2m and approve expenditure for bikeability training provided to children in the city’s schools.
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OLD - Development, Transport and the Economy
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Spend is in excess of £500,000 revenue
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On 20 September 2016, Cabinet:- (i) noted acceptance of £1,184,613 of Bikeability revenue grant from the Department for Transport by the Strategic Director Finance and Legal so as to meet grant acceptance deadlines; (ii) authorised the Assistant Director Transportation and Connectivity to place orders up to £1,184,613 with approved cycle instructors during 2016/17 and a managed service provider from April 2017 to deliver Bikeability in accordance with Standing Orders and the Council’s Procurement Governance Arrangements; (iii) authorised the Strategic Director for Economy to make additional bids for Bikeability funding during the period September 2016 to March 2020 and delegated resultant grant acceptance to the Strategic Director Finance and Legal in the eventuality of additional resources becoming available; (iv) authorised the Acting City Solicitor to negotiate, execute and complete any necessary legal documentation to give effect to the above. THE DEADLINE FOR CALL IN IS 1600 HOURS ON MONDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2016.
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(OLD) Acocks Green; (OLD) Aston; (OLD) Bartley Green; (OLD) Billesley; (OLD) Bordesley Green; (OLD) Bournville; (OLD) Brandwood; (OLD) Edgbaston; (OLD) Erdington; (OLD) Hall Green; (OLD) Handsworth Wood; (OLD) Harborne; (OLD) Hodge Hill; (OLD) Kings Norton; (OLD) Kingstanding; (OLD) Ladywood; (OLD) Longbridge; (OLD) Lozells and East Handsworth; (OLD) Moseley and Kings Heath; (OLD) Nechells; (OLD) Northfield; (OLD) Oscott; (OLD) Perry Barr; (OLD) Quinton; (OLD) Selly Oak; (OLD) Shard End; (OLD) Sheldon; (OLD) Soho; (OLD) South Yardley; (OLD) Sparkbrook; (OLD) Springfield; (OLD) Stechford and Yardley North; (OLD) Stockland Green; (OLD) Sutton Four Oaks; (OLD) Sutton New Hall; (OLD) Sutton Trinity; (OLD) Sutton Vesey; (OLD) Tyburn; (OLD) Washwood Heath; (OLD) Weoley


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Economy, Skills and Transport Overview and Scrutiny Committee

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08/08/2016 17:41:50Janet HinksBusiness Item Created 
08/08/2016 17:41:50Janet HinksCommittee AddedCabinet
08/08/2016 17:41:50Janet HinksMeeting Added20/09/2016 10:00AM
08/08/2016 17:41:50Janet HinksOS Committee AddedEconomy, Skills and Transport Overview and Scrutiny Committee
08/08/2016 17:41:52Janet HinksWorkflow AssignedWorkflow ID D870E4BC-EDFD-40A0-9D3C-44FC6D294098
08/08/2016 17:42:10Janet HinksWard AddedAcocks Green
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08/08/2016 17:42:10Janet HinksWard AddedBartley Green
08/08/2016 17:42:10Janet HinksWard AddedBillesley
08/08/2016 17:42:10Janet HinksWard AddedBordesley Green


Workflow ActionUserRequested DateResponse Due DateResponded DateResponseResponse Comment
Approve Janet Hinks Mon 8 Aug 2016 - 05:46 Fri 31 Dec 9999 Mon 8 Aug 2016 - 05:46 Accepted