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European Social Fund 1.1 – Progression Pathways for Adults
Urgent Decision - Not in Forward Plan
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Report of Corporate Director, Economy
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Tue 26 Jun 2018
Full Business Case to support BCC becoming the accountable Lead Partner in the delivery of the ESF – Progression Pathways Project for Birmingham and Solihull. This is provisional on the current bid to deliver in Birmingham and Solihull being approved in the current DWP process, but because of the limited timescales for project delivery there will be a commitment to commence delivery as soon as agreements are in place. If the current outline bid is not progressed or successful the report will be withdrawn.
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Education, Skills and Culture
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Above £1m capital
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On 26 June 2018, Cabinet:- (i) Approved the Full Business Case, attached at Appendix A to the report, at a total estimated cost of up to £3,27m, which includes the Birmingham City Council (the Council) match funding commitment of up to £1.256m, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) delivery partner match funding commitment of up to £0.379m and the ESF Grant draw down of up to £1.635m. This is subject to final project values being within these estimates; (ii) Authorised that the Council acts as the Accountable Body in respect of the Progression Pathway for Adults project and to hold and manage ESF grant funding, subject to approval by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) as detailed in the report and Accountable Body obligations being acceptable to the Council; (iii) Authorised the Corporate Director, Economy acting on behalf of the Council as the Accountable Body, to accept grant resources from the DWP of up to £1.64m to fund the proposed Progression Pathway for Adults project subject to confirmation of offer from DWP; (iv) Delegated the approval of the procurement activity for this project to the Corporate Director, Economy with project oversight and responsibility through the Head of European and International Affairs/Interim Head of Employment; (v) Authorised the Corporate Director, Economy to enter into grant funding arrangements with DWP and the project’s delivery partner Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council in a manner compliant with EU funding regulations and the national guidance; (vi) Authorised the City Solicitor to negotiate, execute and complete all relevant legal documents necessary to give effect to the project. THE DEADLINE FOR CALL IN IS 1600 HOURS ON TUESDAY 3 JULY 2018.
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