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BCR A34 Birchfield Road (City Centre to Heathfield Road) FBC
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Wed 1 Nov 2017
To seek approval to the Full Business Case (FBC) for the A34 Birchfield Road (City Centre to Heathfield Road) scheme as part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution programme
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OLD - Development, Transport and the Economy
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Cabinet Member
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On 1 November 2017 the Cabinet Member for Transport and Roads and the Cabinet Member for Value for Money and Efficiency jointly with the Corporate Director, Economy: i) Approved the Full Business Case (Appendix A) for the Birmingham Cycle Revolution A34 Birchfield Road (City Centre to Heathfield Road) scheme and proceed with its implementation, to be delivered at a total cost of £9,845,000 including works, land, contingencies and fees; ii) Approved the appropriation and change of function from Housing under the Housing Act 1985 to highways under the Highways Act 1980 of 310.0m2 of land held within the HRA to the General Fund as shown on the drawing numbered 15983 in Appendix G and as identified within the Full Business Case Appendix A, the Council being satisfied that the land is no longer required for its current functions, with the overall market value of £300.00, subject to the procedure at 2.3 having been followed; iii) Authorised the Assistant Director of Property Services to complete the transfer of land and dedicate as Highway Maintenance at Public Expense (HMPE) to facilitate the building of the new footway including easements and drainage in the adjoining land connected to the scheme, and authorised the City Solicitor to complete such acquisition and disposal or easement and seal any documents in connection therewith; iv) Noted that a programme of complementary schemes will be developed as part of the Green Travel District (GTD) elements of the overall BCR programme proposals in accordance with the revised programme agreed as part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR): Progress Update and Programme Revision Report approved at Cabinet on 13 December 2016 as detailed in Appendix A. NOTE: CALL IN ENDS MONDAY 6 NOVEMBER 2017 AT 1600 HOURS.
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(OLD) Aston; (OLD) Ladywood; (OLD) Lozells and East Handsworth; (OLD) Nechells


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01/11/2017 11:45:10Janet HinksMeeting Deleted02/11/2017 12:00AM
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06/11/2017 16:53:08Sarah StrideStatus ChangedImplemented [7]


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