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Appointments to Outside Bodies and Other Bodies
Urgent Decision - Not in Forward Plan
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Report of the City Solicitor.
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Tue 20 Sep 2016
To agree appointments to outside bodies and other bodies.
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OLD - Jobs and Skills
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On 20 September 2016, Cabinet agreed:- (i) That City Council nominees would serve for a maximum of three terms of four years on the Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust, with Trustees who have already served three such terms retiring on completion of their current period of office; (ii) that Mr Alistair Dow (Lib Dem) and Mr G Franks (Con) be re-appointed to serve on the Muntz Trust for the period 20 September 2016 until 15 November 2016; (iii) that Cllr Lynda Clinton (Lab) and Cllr Barry Bowles (Lab) be appointed as Nominative Trustees to serve on the Clara Martineau Trust for the period 20 September 2016 until 19 September 2020, and that a further report regarding nominations to the Trust be submitted to the next meeting of Cabinet; (iv) that the Cabinet Committee – Group Company Governance be established by Cabinet with the following membership:- The membership of the Committee shall be based on cross party representation on a 2-1-1 basis, including: • The Deputy Leader • Another Cabinet Member as deemed appropriate by the Deputy Leader (notified as being the Cabinet Member for Transport and Roads, Councillor Stewart Stacey for 2016/17) • 1 representative of the largest Opposition Party (notified as being Councillor Randal Brew (Cons) for 2016/17) • 1 representative of the second largest Opposition Party Also, the Committee shall include 2 non-executive directors from the Wider Business Community (non-voting). The quorum for the Committee shall be determined by the Committee and must include a Cabinet Member and a Member of the Opposition. THE DEADLINE FOR CALL IN IS 1600 HOURS ON MONDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2016.
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12/09/2016 14:13:47David SmithBusiness Item Created 
12/09/2016 14:13:47David SmithCommittee AddedCabinet
12/09/2016 14:13:47David SmithMeeting Added15/11/2016 10:00AM
12/09/2016 14:13:47David SmithOS Committee AddedCorporate Resources and Governance Overview and Scrutiny Committee
12/09/2016 14:14:12David SmithMeeting Added20/09/2016 10:00AM
12/09/2016 14:14:15David SmithMeeting Deleted15/11/2016 10:00AM
12/09/2016 14:15:41David SmithContacts Edited 
12/09/2016 14:17:59David SmithReport AddedDocument ID 108298: 25.01 Cab Report - 20 September 16 - Appt to OBs & Other Bodies
12/09/2016 14:43:01David SmithStatus ChangedDecision Proposed [2]
12/09/2016 14:43:31David SmithGeneral Details Edited 


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