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Metro Eastside (BEE) Extension and Digbeth Public Realm Improvements Project Definition Document (PDD)
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Tue 26 Jun 2018
To seek approval of the outline business case (PDD) for the public realm improvements around the Metro Eastside Extension including along Digbeth High Street.
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Transport and Environment
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Above £1m Capital
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On 26 June 2018, Cabinet:- (i) Approved the Project Definition document contained in report Appendix A for the Midland Metro Birmingham Eastside Extension, the Digbeth Public Realm Improvements, and associated highway works. The estimated capital cost of the Digbeth improvements (including associated modifications to the Metro scheme) is £15.0m, to be funded from the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) Enterprise Zone; (ii) Approved option 2 in the PDD at report Appendix A, which will provide trams running two-way on the southern side of Digbeth and a single carriageway and wide public realm on the northern side (as shown in paragraph 5.2.4 of the report); (iii) Authorised the Corporate Director, Economy to accept capital grant funding of £0.515m from the GBSLEP Enterprise Zone, as per the offer letter attached in report Appendix H; (iv) Approved the City Council, acting as the Accountable Body for the GBSLEP Enterprise Zone, prudentially borrowing up to £0.515m to fund preliminary design and development of the Full Business Case for the Digbeth Public Realm project; (v) Authorised the Corporate Director, Economy to pay a grant to the West Midlands Combined Authority of up to £0.515m for development and design costs, subject to the completion of a Conditions of Grant Aid (COGA) agreement; (vi) Authorised the City Solicitor to negotiate, execute, seal and complete all necessary documentation to give effect to the above recommendations. THE DEADLINE FOR CALL IN IS 1600 HOURS ON TUESDAY 3 JULY 2018.
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Economy, Skills and Transport Overview and Scrutiny Committee

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