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The Birmingham Food System Strategy: Approval to Commence Public Consultation
Report of Director for Public Health
Cabinet : 22/03/22

To seek permission from Cabinet to take the Birmingham Food System Strategy to Public Consultation. The Creating a Healthy Food City forum has created the Birmingham Food System Strategy: “Creating a Bolder, Healthier and More Sustainable Food City”. This is the first food system strategy for Birmingham. The draft strategy has been developed by the new Food System Team in the Public Health division, with input from stakeholder groups, and best practice from national and international organisations (e.g. the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact). The strategy sets out the Creating a Healthy Food City forum’s ambitions for the next 8 years (2022-2030). The vision of the strategy is to: create a bold, healthy, fair, and sustainable food system, and a prosperous local food economy, where food choices are nutritious, affordable and desirable so all citizens thrive and can achieve their potential for a happy, healthy life.

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Draft Birmingham Food System Strategy Questionnaire

Draft Birmingham Food System Strategy

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