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25 Year City of Nature Delivery Framework
Strategic Director of Place, Prosperity and Sustainability
Cabinet : 08/02/22

This City of Nature Delivery Framework is the plan of how we will deliver the City of Nature vision introduced in Our Future City Plan, 2040.


In July 2019, Cabinet agreed to receive £1.1m from Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to run the Future Parks Accelerator (FPA) Programme, with the huge ambition to embed the value of green spaces across all areas of the Council.


As part of its legacy, the FPA has produced a 25-year Plan for a City of Nature. This will build upon the five FPA themes, and outline the challenges and inequality of access to green space across Birmingham. The five themes are as follows:


  1. A Green City
  2. A Fair City
  3. A Healthy City
  4. A Valued City
  5. An Involved City


The 25 year plan is divided in to 5 yearly blocks, with a detailed plan of what Birmingham could look like in 2027 (5 years from 2022) as a City of Nature, and how this will be financed.  We are requesting that Cabinet:

  • endorses this 25-year City of Nature Delivery Framework for Birmingham

  • commit to champion and support this.  

Key Decisions

Significant Community impact across 2 or more Wards

Cabinet Approval for FPA Programme

Cabinet Approval for FPA Extension

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