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Moratorium Exemption of New Issue Plate Licence Report
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Wed 12 Jun 2019

The Licensing and Public Protection Committee imposed and regularly renews a moratorium on the issue of new hackney carriage vehicle licences. The moratorium has been in place since 2008 and has been renewed ever since, following regular demand surveys. The last survey was conducted in 2017 and another will be due again 2020. 


1.2       Although the concessions agreed by your Committee in April 2019 will reduce the urgency to replace vehicles for some proprietors, it is anticipated some licensees will be left with vehicles more than fifteen years old, which will not have their licences renewed after 1 January 2020.


1.3       The proposal, if adopted, would allow a vehicle proprietor to take out a new licence within two years of giving up an existing licence, subject to compliance with the requirements laid out in the report.

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